About Us

The Structural Engineers Association of South Carolina (SEA of SC) is a non-profit corporation founded in 2005.  SEA of SC is a Member Organization of the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA).

SEA of SC was established to enhance the public's right to safe, reliable and economical structures by advancing the practice of structural engineering through:
  • coordinating the activities of its members engaged in issues affecting the practice of structural engineering throughout the State of South Carolina;
  • providing access to structural engineering professionals in the development and adoption of technical provisions of building codes, design standards and construction standards;
  • providing a forum for the development of applicable standards for the practice of structural engineering;
  • disseminating, transferring and exchanging information among structural engineering professionals on issues relating to the practice of structural engineering;
  • encouraging the improvement of the practice of structural engineering among its membership and the engineering community at large;
  • aiding in the education of individuals and institutions by clearly defining the role and function of the structural engineer in the design and construction process;
  • enhancing the stature, recognition and image of the structural engineering profession with the general public;
  • promoting the adoption of professional structural engineering licensing; and
  • assisting the public in obtaining accurate and timely information on issues relating to the design, construction and performance of structures.

Chapter Locations

At this time we have four local state chapters of SEASC.




Hilton Head